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Grimsby is filled with lots of romantic tourist destinations, so you will never run out of options for an intimate setting!

  • Start your date with a day trip to People's Park, where you can feed the ducks and feel nostalgic with the breathtaking view of the waters.
  • Plus, there's a cafe here that serves clean and delicious hot and cold food.
  • Play tourists in your own city by visiting Grimsby Dock Tower which is a mesmerising landmark by the sea.
  • Lastly, seal the day with a romantic dinner at the Panorama Restaurant and Wine Bar that has a sweet view of Grimsby.
Grimsby Singles

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Winning a first date with a person you're attracted to can be tricky, but what's more challenging with online dating is you really have to impress your match to have a second and even third date with them as options never run out in dating websites. Step up your game with these proven and tested tips for a successful first date.

  • Prepare casual things to talk about. Silence is almost always awkward. To avoid it, prepare questions to ask your date.
  • Learn from your past dates. What made your previous attempts unsuccessful? Review the reasons and avoid them from happening again.
  • Be confident with how you bring yourself. Stay well-groomed and look your best for a first date to boost self-esteem.
  • Be welcoming. Stay interested, actively listening, asking questions, and avoiding too sensitive topics.
  • Don't obsess over perfect compatibility. Avoid stressing about your differences. As long as you're enjoying each other's company, don't shut the doors to get to know your date deeper.