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Choosing the perfect place for your first date is essential in impressing your match. Luckily, Haringey is gifted with a number of romantic tourist destinations that will make your time with your special someone memorable. Warm-up your date with a day walk at Alexandra Palace and Park to enjoy the panoramic views of London. During summer, attend the wireless festival in Finsbury Park. This is a well-known urban music festival in the city and will give you an instant fun bond with your date. Lastly, take your match to a romantic dinner at the Durazzo Pizzeria Restaurant or Passione e Tradizione.

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Choosing the perfect place to make your first date more memorable is vital, but what's really essential is to impress your match by acting right and leaving them a good feeling when the day ends. Here are some dating tips that will step up your game and will give you higher chances of getting a second or even third date!

  • Learn and improve from your past dates. Were you too shy to talk to your previous dates? Did you keep checking your phone? These may be the reasons you did not hear again from them. Avoid repeating these mistakes.
  • Look your best. Build confidence by wearing what makes you feel attractive.
  • Your body language plays a vital role. Don't be too stiff, and practice being welcoming in advance.
  • Prepare topics. Avoid dead air by asking questions or sharing a fun moment you had to avoid awkwardness.
  • Build rapport and trust by ordering the same food. This shows you're open-minded to try new things and you trust your date's taste.