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Franii, 32

I'm interested in kindness

HalcyonEse6, 23

I have no idea what I'm doing lol

Eric53, 25


lisalovv67, 32


Katie, 20

-Funny -Intelligent -Can hold a conversation for Britain -A little bit of a weirdo -Career focused -10/10 Personality

If you don’t fit in, you are perfect for a punk dating website

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Living an alternative lifestyle and listening to aggressive music makes relationships a bit tricky, so opening an account on a punk dating site is a great idea to get around this obstacle. Unconventional clothing, tattoos and piercings, extravagant hairstyles – all those things are welcome at a specialized platform for dating among people from this subculture.

It feels great when random people you chat with online know the lyrics of your favourite songs and have been to the same concerts. More importantly, punk lovers are usually very direct and open-minded about sex, so it’s quite a relief to be able to act uninhibitedly with people who share the same kind of sensibility. This also opens the possibility of trying some kinky games that would be too risky to try with someone who isn’t from the punk scene.

Punk music has been around for decades, so you can find people of any age at the dating site. If you are open to dating someone much older or younger, this could be an advantage. There are also many members from faraway countries who could be seeking long-distance relationships at a site of this nature. The range of possibilities is almost unlimited – except that it’s virtually impossible to be bored at a dating website for punkers.

How to contact people at a punk dating site?

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It is important to communicate in a certain way if you want to be accepted on a punk dating site and enjoy all the benefits of membership. It starts with the look of your profile – some photos from punk concerts or quotes from popular bands could be a good way to establish your bona fides. It also helps if you are able to use slang words that are common on the punk circuit and have an attitude to match your choice of words.

Of course, don’t forget that the reason why people join a punk pop dating site is to find sex partners, not just talk about music. Sooner or later, the conversation will turn towards a meeting, and it would be great if you know a cool bar or hangout spot to suggest at this point. If you have a good time with the person you met online, things will naturally progress to naughty fun in the bedroom.

Here are a few ideas for a first date with someone you met at this dating site:

  • Venue with loud live music where you can dress in punk fashion
  • Long walk under the bridge or in another edgy urban area
  • Visit an alternative art show or a second-hand clothes shop
  • Takeout dinner for two, followed by some beers in the local park.